About Me

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Getting Started

I was born at MacDill Air Force Base, raised in Bradenton, Florida and began using computers when I was in middle school. My enthusiasm for computers started when my father purchased our first home computer (with all the amazing dial-up bells and whistles). I can’t remember exactly how it happened but my father tells me one day he came home and I had the computer taken apart all over the floor. He asked what I was doing and I told him I just wanted to figure out how it works. I put all the pieces back together and ever since I’ve been teaching myself everything there is to know about computers.

My thirst for knowledge transitioned to software in high school when I started learning the basics of HTML. In 2007, at age 17 I designed my first website for my FBLA chapter and went on to compete at the state level for website design.

Early Life

During high school I worked as a cashier for Publix; this was my first experience in the customer service industry. I worked there for three years and learned how to provide great customer service.