Carnival Sunshine

My cruise this year was a 7 day on the Carnival Sunshine out of Port Canaveral. We went with a group of ten people including my girlfriend Jane, drove the three hour drive in two vehicles up to the port andd managed to only make one pit stop the whole way. The destinations for the trip were Cozumel, Mexico on Monday; Tuesday Belize; Wednesday Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan; and last Thursday Costa Maya, Mexico. Carnival Sunshine 2014


My Mom and her boyfriend James decided to upgrade Jane and I’s room for her birthday to a Balcony Room. Originally the room I booked for my cruise was an interior room. This is by far the best deal financially but for anyone who has never been on a cruise an interior room is small and has no windows, at all. When you turn the lights out it’s dark not kinda dark where there’s light coming from here or there, but BLACK even in the middle of the day. Our Room The balcony room is much larger, has a bigger bed as well as a large window and obviously a door out to the balcony. My mother’s boyfriend James told me a couple days before the cruise and we decided to make it a suprise for Jane. I made sure to bring up in conversation with her about which type of room we were going to be staying in for the next several days a couple times to make it set in her head that the room was going to be a small one with no windows.

Casting Off (Saturday)

After being welcomed aboard by the ships crew we went straight to our “interior” room. I wanted Jane to see the room we were actually going to be staying in for the next seven days. She was confused wondering why I had taken her to this room instead but after seeing our names in the room she went right over to thank my Mom and James in their room down the hall. We sat out on our newly acquired balcony and decided to watch the ship cast off from our room. Around four o’clock we cast off and made our way down the east side of Florida to our first stop Cozumel.

Fun Day At Sea (Sunday)

Having room service bring us breakfast in the morning so we could eat on the balcony as the sun rose over the ocean was the first of many great experiences of the cruise. The water was calm and looking at the tv we saw that we were already all the way down close to The Keys. After breakfast we toured the ship. There is a huge TV over the pool and a showroom that doubles as a night club called the Liguid Lounge, another smaller showroom and many little bars like the piano and sports bar.

Cozumel, Mexico (Monday)

I’ve been to Cozumel before on a previous cruise so this first stop I’m an old pro. One of our favorite spots we had to go to first Mr. Chiles is a hole in the wall swing bar. Everytime we’ve been before the same bartender has been working. Fat Tuesday We figured he had a cot under the bar and that’s where he slept, however this time of course he wasen’t there. In Mexico most of you know they use the Peso, when we went the Peso was 13 to 1 USD. It’s always fun to go through the shops and haggle with the shopkeeps. You can name your price and if they say “no” just reply “ok nevermind” and walk out; but of course they want your business so “Ok wait I’ll sell it for $X”, which is usually only a dollar more than you said the first time. The most hilarious part of there tactic to get you to come in their store (which is exactly the same the next four down the street) is “Come check out my junk amigo!” like that’s supposed to entice me to spend my money on junk.. Always the last place at almost every destination is Fat Tuesday. They always have loud american music playing and by then your pretty drunk so dancing sounds like a good idea by now. As seen on the (left/right) there were a good amount of poles to be danced upon so that’s where we spent probably the last hour just having a good time.

Belize, Belize (Tuesday)

Belize does not have a dock so we had to tender to get onto land. It was our first excursion, we decided to do the snorkeling. I don’t have the pictures for this stop yet as it’s on my other phone so I’ll skip this and finish the rest. At this stop I used my lifeproof case to take underwater pictures and video.

Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan (Wednesday)

Little French Key Our second excursion on the trip was a private island called Little French Key. Click on the link and check out the video on the front page to see an overhead view of the island. After getting off the ship, we rode a bus with a tour guide Julio to the place where we would shuttle on another small boat to the private island. Once there Julio guided us to all the animals and plant life they have on the island. There were horses, dogs, spider monkeys, cockatoos, and even a (leopard?). Julio finished the guided tour he let us loose to explore the island and go wherever we’d like. What do you think was our first stop? The bar obvioulsy. There were two bars on the island and the local bartenders suprisingly knew quite a few drink mixes. They also served plantain chips and salsa which was very good. After spending some time sitting at one of the tables in the middle of the ocean pool behind the reef Julio wanted me to go jump of the second floor of the hut on the other side of the island. It was about a 15 foot drop so nothing crazy but jumping into that water was awsome. My girlfriend Jane took my phone and shot some slo-mo video of us jumping in. Once it was time for us to go back we packed back on the shuttle boat and then the bus and of course made it to Fat Tuesday there to hang out there for alittle while longer.

to be continued..

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