Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Living so close to Orlando you would think I would travel up to all of the Disney parks more often but I haven’t been there in over four years.


My dad called me and told me the family had some extra tickets to Disney and they weren’t going to use them. My first thought was to go during the week since it’s usually slower during the week however with both of our work schedules Sunday was the easiest day to go. We didn’t get Jane’s “First Visit” badge until the end of trip but it was her first time at Disney. Always looking at pictures in magazines and dreaming of going to Disney as a little girl she wore it with pride.

“It’s A Small World”, the ride everyone has a love/hate relationship with. It’s a classic buttt also everyone knows the most annoying song is stuck in your head for twenty minutes after you finish the ride. I shot a time-lapse video on my iPhone so you can enjoy the entire journey in 20 seconds flat and without audio. Enjoy!

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