From J to Z

From J to Z (which stands for "From Jace to Zoey") is a blog that I created for my cousin's wife Amanda. Her kids names; obviously Jace and Zoey.

What I Did: Back-end Development, User Testing, End User Development


Amanda came to me wanting to create a blog to write about her kids. I decided WordPress would be the most user friendly interface for her to create her posts with. I setup a mySQL database and ordered a domain of her choosing. She wanted to design the site but didn’t know too much about HTML or CSS so with some guidance and a pre-made WordPress theme closely resembling something she wanted we laid the groundwork for the beginning of FromJtoZ. Over the months she changes banners or backgrounds here or there. I will be working on a full site redesign with her input to create a more complete responsive design that includes more images and videos that she feels shouldn’t be left out of the ever increasing mobile world.